Sell To Us

Take a good look around your home and chances are you will find something you do not want or need anymore. If you want to unlock its value, sell it to Cash Converters. We have quick, easy and hassle-free ways to help you flip your items of value for instant cash.

We are always on the lookout for more stock; whether it is tools, car audio, sports equipment, TVs or gold jewellery. If it is in good working condition, we want to see it.

We pay top prices and cash on the spot.

If you decide to sell an item to us, you must be 16 years old or older and provide valid photo ID.

To verify your age and identity, we require documents that:

• Evidence your full legal name
• Evidence your date of birth

We accept the following valid documents:

• NZ driver’s licence
• New Zealand or international passport
• Student photo ID card (showing date of birth)
• NZ government issued photo ID (showing date of birth)
• 18+ card (evidence of age document)

What are you waiting for? Find your nearest store and flip your items for instant cash.