Report Stolen Property

We work with the Police to reduce trade in stolen goods. Every item we buy or pawn is captured in our database and electronically shared with the Police. If the Police match an item they notify us, collect the item and return it to the owner. We hold every item for 14 days before it is offered for sale. Our stringent processes for buying and pawning goods includes capturing identification, address and contact details of the person wanting to sell or pawn an item, this provides confidence for legitimate customers and deters thieves from using our stores to sell goods.

We appreciate many items (including jewellery) don’t have serial numbers or you may not have it. If this is the case, we are unable to add the item to our database because serial numbers (or IMEI numbers) are the unique identifier that we and the Police rely on to accurately identify items. Because we receive hundreds of requests every week, sending descriptions and photos to our 28 stores and hundreds of staff is ineffective and impossible to manage properly.

The police have an initiative we support strongly called SNAP (Serial Number Action Partnership), we encourage everyone to use this excellent initiative SNAP

If you have reported stolen goods to the Police we may be able to add the item to our database, click the ‘report’ button, fill in the fields and submit.