Our Loans


Which is the best option for you?

We have cash loans for all kinds of purposes, and all kinds of people, even if you have a history of bad credit. Whether it's a Cash Advance loan to pay school fees or a Personal Loan to fix your car or you just need a little extra cash to get on with life, we can help.

If you’re not sure which is the right one for you give us a call as we’d be happy to help find the right solution for you.

Loans are suitable for occasional short-term needs only.

Cash Advance Loans

Available only in our stores. Our quickly obtainable Cash Advance loans are small amount short-term loans perfect for managing unexpected expenses. A Cash Converters Cash Advance loan usually:

  • ranges from as little as $100 to $2,000
  • is repaid over six weeks
  • is reviewed on the spot so we can give you an immediate answer
  • gives you cash in hand immediately after approval

To find out what the requirements are for a Cash Advance, please click here.

Personal Loans

You can apply online and in our stores. Available in variable amounts our Personal Loans are larger amounts of money repaid over a longer time than our Cash Advance product. A Cash Converters Personal Loan:

  • is available as $600 - $1,000 repaid over 4-6 months
  • is available as $1,100 - $2,000 repaid over 4-9 months
  • a credit check may be performed, but you do not need perfect credit history
  • on approval, your money can be in your account within hours or by the next business day at the latest

To find out what the requirements are for a Personal Loan, please click here.