Our Story

Cash Converters is the world’s largest second-hand dealer, and a market leader in pawn broking and short-term credit services. Cash Converters was first developed in 1984 in Perth, Western Australia with a simple premise; quality second hand products purchased professionally from the public and displayed in a modern, professional retail outlet. The Cash Converters concept flourished and was soon franchised. Today there are more than 150 stores throughout Australia and over 700 worldwide. Cash Converters currently operates in 25 countries including Belgium, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg, New Caledonia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, Portugal, South Africa, Zambia, Namibia and USA. Cash Converters is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

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New Zealand

The Cash Converters franchise system commenced in New Zealand in 1993 and currently comprises 27 stores directly employing more than 380 people. There are 16 corporate owned and operated stores in Auckland and Christchurch and 11 franchise operated stores throughout the rest of the country. The Cash Converters brand prides itself on its long-standing reputation for transparent, responsible and ethical conduct and services in the New Zealand market place, working with various industry bodies to provide customers with the confidence they need in a national leading brand. Cash Converters provides various services under one roof from retailing quality items, purchasing unwanted or unused items from customers, pawnbroking and short term cash solutions to help customers get on with their lives.